Dance Shoe Care

I’ve been asked many times “Why should I brush the soles of my Dance Shoes?”

Well the first reason is to remove the wax build up from the dance floor and dirt particles from the other dancers’ shoes. Believe it or not, not everyone wears proper Dance Shoes when dancing!

Dance ShoesThe second reason is to maintain the consistency that the suede sole provides you, not too slippery and not too sticky. Hard soles and leather can be too slippery causing you to loose control of your turns and/or balance. Rubber soles or sticky soles can cause soreness or injury, especially if you are turning at all. This can be to the ankles, knees or hips.

The third reason is they will last longer. Why you ask? One is that almost everything lasts longer if kept clean. But the main reason is that once the suede looses its soft fuzzy texture it becomes smooth leather and the friction from turning and sliding faster causes a higher temperature and you simply burn through your soles quicker.

A small investment in a shoe brush is worth it.

One last note:
“Please brush your shoes over the trash can or outside, not onto the dance floor you and everyone else will be dancing on in a few minutes!” I’m sure someone has just swept the floor to maximize a wonderful dance experience.  You wouldn’t want to brush a bunch of dirt on it, would you?

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Learn to Dance in Seattle

When I moved to the Puget Sound area a few months ago, it was a struggle to meet new people. Despite registering for online communities and signing up for a litany of social media sites, I had no luck establishing relationships. After a few weeks, it became apparent that I would have to employ different tactics in order to meet new people.

I began taking a more proactive approach, attending farmer’s markets and other community events. Since I have never danced a step in my life, I also endeavored to learn to dance in Seattle. Not only has this given me enough confidence to head out on the dance floor alone, but it was also an ideal atmosphere to meet new people and make local connections.

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What is the Foxtrot?

The Foxtrot is a popular ballroom dance that first emerged about a century ago. From the time of its release until the 1940s, the Foxtrot was the most popular fast-paced dance. When the Foxtrot premiered, it was generally danced to ragtime and influenced records for decades.

In contemporary society, the dance is typically accompanied by swing-style big band music. There are now two common variations of the Foxtrot: the slow version, simply known as Foxtrot, and quick, which is called Quickstep. If you have never learned the dance, there are several establishments offering Seattle Foxtrot dance lessons.

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Let’s Dance

Isn’t that a common statement or question? Well it means many different things to everyone. I think everyone has their idea of what “dancing” is. I’ve done many types and styles of dancing since the 1970’s and they are totally different. If you want to dance with a partner whether that’s to Ballroom dancing, Country dancing or Swing dancing then you should take some dance lessons and get the basics under your belt. After that you will have confidence on the dance floor for all those parties you will be going to in your life.

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Issaquah Dance Instruction

As most people are aware, the dawn of spring coincides with the commencement of wedding season. Understandably, droves of couples plan their nuptial ceremonies for the pleasant spring and summer months. Usually I enjoy this time of year, as I get to partake in several of these joyous occasions. This year, however, my brother is getting married.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my brother. And this is part of the problem, as he has asked me to be his best man. This means that instead of sitting back and enjoying the festivities, I will have to make a toast and at least make an appearance on the dance floor. Since I have never danced a step in my life, I am diametrically opposed to dancing in any capacity. However, I have endeavored to take up Issaquah dance instruction in an effort to abate my fears.

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What is the Waltz?

Traditionally, the term waltz describes a ballroom dance that is performed in 3/4 time. However, there are several variations on the classic waltz in which the time is 2/4, 6/8 and 5/4. During the 19th and 20th centuries, several new waltz variations were developed as the dance garnered popularity and became a staple at balls and other fêtes.

Although the close nature of the dance partners was considered scandalous when the dance was first developed, the waltz quickly became a mainstay at upscale events. Some of the most popular waltz variations today include the Viennese, American Style and Cross Step. If you’ve never done the dance before, consider looking into Seattle waltz dance lessons.

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Newcastle Dance Lessons

I’ve lived in King County for over 15 years, but up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea where Newcastle was. The tiny town is nestled in-between Renton and Bellevue, and was only incorporated in 1994. Odds are that I would have stayed ignorant to the geographic proximity of the city if it wasn’t for dancing.

At the beginning of the year, my wife and I decided to expand our horizons and enroll in some dance classes. After searching the internet, we were able to find a venue that offered a variety of Newcastle dance lessons. We started with just a few individual classes, but we’ve grown to love it so much that we now attended several lessons throughout the week.

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Getting My Groove

Whether attending a wedding, nightclub or just a social gathering, dancing is sure to be one of the main forms of entertainment. For many people, however, dancing is a cause for inhibition, often resulting in “wallflowers.” Admittedly, up until recently I was one of those people who looked at the dance floor with disdain from my lonely perch against the wall.

Having never even attempted to dance, I decided that the best option for overcoming my fears was to enroll in some Bellevue dance lessons. During the first few sessions, I was all over my partner’s feet, and I considered throwing in the towel. With a little persistence however, I gradually found my stride and now I am quite adept on the dance floor.

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Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn Video


  Learn to dance for fun at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn. At the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn we put the emphasis on fun! We welcome partners and singles who want to dance in a friendly non-competitive environment. Our instructors love to dance and teach dance classes in Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing, Line Dancing, Country Western Dancing and Swing Dancing. People come from Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and Issaquah and as far away as Olympia an Everett to dance with friends, partners, fellow students, instructors and the DJs.
We have evening and morning dance classes. You never need a partner for our classes. We have Thursday night dances, Friday night dances, Saturday night dances. It’s good clean affordable fun at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn.
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Seattle Line Dance Instructions

Many people think that line dancing is only done to country or western music, but that is simply not the case. Line dancing is choreographed dance steps that people do while standing in lines and can be performed to a variety of music—from Top 40 to classical. Due to the nature of line dancing, you don’t need a partner and it is a great way to meet new people.

Having never tried line dancing before, my roommate and I sought out some Seattle line dance instructions recently. The concept may be easy, but even in the beginner class we found ourselves lost at moments. Now that we have a few classes under our belts though, I think that we are almost ready to advance to the intermediate level.

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